Monday-Day 2

6/27/16 Monday:

Photos from today:

What a great day today was. The girls experienced their first day in their Core classes and got to know their classmates. Later the girls got into their presentation groups and worked on various presentations methods using web 2.0 tools, such as Powtoons, Prezi, and Storyboard That. They then presented to another group sharing two truths and one lie about themselves where they had to guess which was the lie vs. the truth- very interesting facts!!!! We have such an incredible group with us, we are so happy to have each and every one of them!

Following our technology fun and watching the teachers show us what NOT to do during a presentation, we learned about how to best prepare for College/University and what can be done now as well as heading into High School. On top of that we discussed how to pay for College/University and learned that there really is “free money” out there just for education if you are willing to research and apply for it!

Then we went to bed early tonight since we have a BUSY day tomorrow-starting bright and early with breakfast at 6:30 am! Eek! We will be off for another fun-filled adventured…..stay tuned!

P.S. Many of the girls were requesting this information from tonight’s presentation on Financial Aid/Scholarships….This is a VERY small sample of where you can apply for scholarships, remember to research!!!