Day 3- Tuesday


Pictures (more pictures to come tomorrow):
What a busy, messy, sweaty day we had today!!! The girls literally played in the mud and found all sorts of ecological systems living within the mud. We found crabs, plants, shells, and much more. The girls went for a 1.5 mile hike learning all about the surrounding nature in our local coastal wetlands. From there they got to visit even more wildlife in the exhibit hall-they even pet some snakes!

Since we were up so early today (ate breakfast at 6:30am-which means most of us were up around 5:30ish) we took a nice long recess to just kick our feet up, hydrate, and relax before going to core class. The girls really got to delve in deeper in their classes (picture to come-probably tomorrow, the day got away from us today). Every class continues to build upon the previous day’s lesson and the girls are really enjoying the exposure to such new knowledge and experiences.

Finally, we ended the day by starting our Rube Goldberg Machines. The girls had to select a simple goal that their machine would accomplish (for example, setting off a mouse trap, turning on/off a light, throwing away trash, etc.) and then design an overly complicated machine to fulfill that task. Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist that illustrated these overly complicated inventions for simple tasks. For example, the automatic napkin:


See this video of another example of a Rube Goldberg machine: Example of Rube Goldberg Machine