Day 4: Wednesday



Core Classes were fun-filled with campers creating and delving even deeper into their expertise. After Core Class and a delicious lunch -the ice cream is a HUGE hit here (I especially enjoyed the strawberry shortcake myself), the girls rotated through three workshops.

  1. Chemistry of Makeup
  2. Roller Coaster Physics
  3. Rube Goldberg Machine Construction

All were a hit! The girls got to walk away with having created their own cosmetic line of lotion, a successful roller coaster that met strict constraints, and got real creative with their Rube Goldberg machine that they started last night. Don’t worry, we’re taking videos and pictures that will be included on the DVD that will be available with the branch that sent your amazing daughter in the fall. You will hear more details in their experiences on Saturday during their presentations.

We are wrapping up the evening with a comedy math hour, thanks to our resident mathematician and dorm mom, Virginia Seaton. The girls are full of belly laughs-it’s just wonderful to these girls breaking out of their shells and enjoying themselves and the experiences thus far. We will finish perfecting the Rube Goldberg machines (they are SO creative and these things are IMPRESSIVE!) and then head back to the dorms to work on the final presentation until we can all finally crash and rest up for tomorrow’s adventures (yes, the girls are sleeping just fine)! This really is an incredible group of girls- thank you again for sharing them with us for this week!