Tuesday-iFly (indoor skydiving!)

Well….that was fun!!!!!

Here is where you can find and purchase pictures of your girls:

  1. Click the link below or click here
  2. Select the appropriate Tunnel=Hollywood
  3. Scroll down and select the Date: Tuesday, 6/27/2017
  4. Scroll down and select the Flight Time

Photos will be available for the next two weeks.

Our fly times were from 10:33-12:47 :

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iFly Hollywood

June 27, 2017

Group 1: Flight Time 10:33

Heidi Kim

Jordyn Kent

Chloe Sy-Perez

Noemi Mesropian

Alaina Riggs

Hanna Snively-Folk

Kassandra Guillen

Jasmine Gonzales

Giselle Borja

Kirstin Warren

Ashlynn Kyaw

Courtney Woodhall

Rachel Abate


Group 2 : Flight Time 11:08

Kimberly Aguilar

Ayaka Chinen

Shelly Fonseca

Brianna Gaughn

Ifeoluwa Odogbda

Anett Pajuelo

Samantha Silva

Lexus Simpson

Luna Yepez

Zoe Espinal

Angelina Sandoval

Rebecca Donoho


Group 3 :  Flight Time 11:27

Paris Gomez

Helena Novak-Murano

Chloe Brooks

Nevya Patel

Alexia Virgil

Kohana Johnson

Rosemarie Guzman

Hannah Ramirez

Jenna Yamane

Layla Brown

Emily Casciani


Group 4 : Flight Time 11:46

Christine Wang

Rebecca Hudson

Charly Scott

Alani Morales

Martha Ramirez

Megan Guzman

Ashlyn Luisi

Adrienne Lim

Cassandra Hermosillo

Denise Toledo

Kennadee Stilson

Katie To

Daniela Sanchez


Group 5 : Flight Time 12:06

Isabella Corona

Naima Dellawar

Rubi Cedillo

Sierra Clark

Sintia Khosravian

Alyson Gonzales

Elin Bubukhaniance

Sarine Mardirosian

Lisamarie Alforo

Alexandra Landavery


Group 6 : Flight Time 12:27

Jamiya McClelland

Arlene Villapanda

Isabella Rojas

Tere Censenas

Miranda Rodriguez

Rosaria Recinos

Emily Doi

Isela Aparicio

Terra Lee

Kathryn Liang

Jacqueline Serra


Group 7 : Flight Time 12:47

Leyna Pham

Isabella Uriu

Lily Armstrong

Carolina Tarango

Mia Gutierrez

Jeslyn Lee

Sara Hernandez

Kayla Brewer

Laci Bridgette

Jocelyn Rico

Kayla San Andres

Boy, are we tired! What a fun-filled day at City Walk where we got to experience the air resistance of indoor skydiving! Very cool….and fun to watch!

After that, we attended our core classes and returned to our dorms to problem solve the problem of the day, continue our presentations, and enjoy each/other’s company! I’m pretty sure we will have no problems with any of the girls sleeping tonight (haha!). Tomorrow brings another day full of activities and wonder!

In case you don’t already have it- here is the link to our Google Album– join in and you will get notifications whenever it is updated 🙂