Wednesday Workshops


Phew! The week is picking up pace and is flying by. Saturday will be here in no time. The girls have been working hard on putting together their presentations for you each night as we add to our experiences.One thing is for sure….I’m tired. But, I know it’s not me you want to hear about (haha).

The girls are having such a good time with rockets, chemistry, neurons, golden spirals (math), Hertz frequencies, encryption, cyber security, missile defenses, roller coasters, comets/space objects, creating new apps, breaking into a box with about 5 different locks, and all the in between stuff that makes up the life-long memories that can only be made by this camp experience.

Again, thank you for sharing your daughter with us. This group is just incredible-we are really enjoying their energy and insights.

On that note…it’s lights out for me!

Update: I told the girls I would give them access to the Cyber Security Presentation:

Here is a link to view the handout with embedded links and video resources

And if you wanted to access it via Peardeck please go to: and enter the code VHADM