Wrapped up our core classes today, launched some rockets, finished neuroscience t-shirts, presented information on brain disorders, applied module arithmetic to the encryption and decryption of messages, constructed binary code bracelets, learned about the enigma machine from WWII, and created music with PVC pipes!

We created a whole bunch of Rube Goldberg machines-lots of failures which led to lots of successes. The girls had an absolute blast learning about motion and creating an overly complex machine to achieve a simple goal-check out the pictures (we created a BIG mess!).

AAUW came to visit and we showed them what we’ve been working on all week (they were quite impressed, if I don’t say-so myself!). We also hosted 9 Professional Women in fields of STEM such as, Director of Clinical Operations in Ophthalmology, Psychiatrist, Animal Keeper, Disney Imagineer, Awestruck Digital Media, Technology Consultant, Registered Dietitian, Federal Health Care Services Accountant, and Biomedical Neuroscience Research Assistant.

I also have to share- I know, as a parent myself, there is nothing better than hearing the joy in your child’s laugh. The girls today were truly that: a gaggle of giggling girls- it was great! The food hall was filled with giggles, laughter, and smiles. So much fun was had today 🙂